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ESDogs is a product of Top Tier K9.

Using certified dog trainers, dogs are trained from your local rescues, shelters, or our inventory for people with disabilities and for those in need of an emotional support dog.  Trainers are certified through Top Tier K9's Academy for Dog Trainers and the new owners are trained through Top Tier K9's owner/handler training programs. 

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Saving Dogs and Saving Lives in Your Local Community

Top Tier K9 is the #1 working dog trainer school in the country.  Not only do we train humans to train dogs, we also train some of the greatest dogs on the planet to perform duties as service dogs, protection dogs, Police/Military K9, and even COVID-19 detection dogs.


We have come into contact with many people who don't necessarily need a full blown service dog (Buy a Battle Buddy) or who don't want to train their own service dog (Build a Battle Buddy), but would benefit greatly from a professionally trained Emotional Support Dog (ESDogs), 

Top Tier K9 has hundreds of certified dog trainers across the country.  Each of these trainers is available to train emotional support dogs rescued from a local shelter. 


Top Tier K9 assists our trainers in finding the right dogs for customers.  While our trainers are working with that dog, we train the new owner through our #1 rated Academy for Dog Trainers.  Once both sides of the leash are trained, the veteran/first responder is presented with his dog and the local Top Tier K9 certified trainer provides ongoing support.

Top Tier K9 Certified Dog trainers raise the charitable funds within their own communities.  These funds are then used to train the dogs, train the folks with disabilities, and integrate the dogs into the veterans and first responders homes. 


Having a local, professionally trained dog trainer work with the dogs and their owners is the perfect solution allowing for quality assurance, replicable processes, and professional training for the dogs and the folks in need.

If you need a service dog instead of an emotional support dog visit , select the Foundation Dog pulldown and select from our dozens of trained service dogs ready to deploy in as little as 8 weeks.

The greatest benefits:  Your charitable contributions are used in your own community.  Saving local dogs, helping local people with disabilities, and supporting a local dog trainer. 


Top Tier K9 provides the quality assurance, support, communications, human training, and expertise to help it all be successful.

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